Preventing falls

Did you know 80 per cent of injury-related hospital admissions among those aged over 65 years are due to falls?

For people living with dementia, this risk may increase up to eight-fold.

To improve bone and muscle health and reduce the risk of falls, adequate vitamin D is recommended, particularly for those aged over 65 who have low sun exposure, those with darker skin, or the obese.
Other falls prevention strategies include regular, enjoyable exercise (whether planned or incidental), assessment and use of aids (walking aids, grab rails, shower seats), appropriate footwear, decluttering, sleep hygiene to maintain an adequate sleep routine, and medication and medical reviews to eliminate reversible causes.

Vision aids may include ensuring adequate lighting (avoid spotlights, sudden changes in light levels but increase lighting at regular task areas), reduce straying light from street lights or corridors at night, avoiding busy patterns in flooring, caution when surfaces are unfamiliar, uneven, slippery or shiny, use of colour contrast to aid vision processing (chairs, steps, floors, but avoid change of toe on level surfaces which may be interpreted as a change in level), regular eye and ear tests (use prescribed aids).

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