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Dementia Australia offers invaluable practical and emotional assistance required by both the individual diagnosed with dementia and their respective carer/family, when needed.

People living with dementia may require help at any time of day or night, and given most individuals prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, Dementia Australia strives to best accommodate for such in whichever way they can.

Importantly, Dementia Australia prioritises the dignity of those living with dementia by supporting their independence and abilities.

We assist people living with dementia to maintain their normal, everyday lives, and the role they play within their families, friends and broader communities, for as long as possible. We tailor all of our services, activities and care-related needs to the individual, catering to their respective interests and abilities.

Moreover, we place equal importance on the carer’s wellbeing, and provide a plethora of support services including support groups, education programs, a 24/7 Dementia Helpline and advice on respite and residential services.

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