About dementia & Alzheimer's disease

A diagnosis of dementia may come as a surprise to an individual, and their family and friends. For others however, a diagnosis may prove a relief for those who have attended weeks, months or even years of doctor appointments and a plethora of tests.

Although the symptoms of dementia can differ from one person to the next, the appearance of symptoms is usually gradual over time. Importantly, the symptoms of dementia, such as loss of memory and initiative, challenges performing daily tasks, mood or behavioural changes, should not be dismissed as a normal part of ageing, although the incidence of these symptoms does increase over time.

Should you suspect that you, or a loved one is exhibiting symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, head here to learn more. For more information, download our Fact sheets or call our Dementia Helpline – 1800 180 023 – without delay.

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